Tutorial Times


*All other times by appointment only!

Technology Agreement:

ALL English II Pre-AP Specific Materials Needed for Class (in addition to pens, paper):
* Binder or Portfolio
* Highlighters
* Class Novels: You will need to be able to annotate this piece. Library copies are acceptable but plan on using post-its to mark the text
* Independent Reading Book
* Three Subject Notebook

* Flash Drive: This can be a flash drive that you use for other classes, but I think it would be vital to have!
* Ear buds/Headphones: Many times you will be allowed to listen to music or will be required to watch a video on the computer—I don’t have ear buds/headphones for you to use, so you’ll have to have your own!

We only use a class set of textbooks, therefore you will not be given a textbook for this class. We expect, however, that you always have your novel and materials ready to go when you get to class. FYI: If you have to leave for any reason to go to your locker because of a forgotten item you will receive a tardy.

Books You Need to "Purchase": Anchor Texts (Common Reads)
The calendar each six weeks will have reminders about which books you should have. The books are listed in the order that they will be read this year. I will give you plenty of warning when you will need to purchase a book.

Sophisticated reading requires mature accessing of the text. This means you must annotate your books; therefore, you will need to purchase these books well ahead of the time we will begin them. Or, you must find a way to annotate using post-its or other non-permanent marking material on library books. You will be expected to have these books in class as scheduled.

First Semester:
Lord of the Flies by William Golding (2nd Six Weeks)
Historical Fiction Literature Circles (3rd Six Weeks, from an approved list, TBA)

Second Semester:
Things Fall Apart by Chinua Achebe (4th Six Weeks)
Non-Fiction Literature Circles (5th Six Weeks, from an approved list, TBA)
Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury (6th Six Weeks)

If for any reason you cannot purchase a copy of a novel please come see me. However, if you come the morning a reading is due we will only laugh at you and tell you to work on time management and planning. If, however, you come and see us prior to the novel’s first assignment and you realize that purchasing the novel is impossible, then we can help you out!

Independent Reading Program: Weekly Reading Expectations
We believe that a being a strong, life-long reader lead you to being a strong, life-long thinker, writer and leader. Because of this philosophy, we want to extend to you a special opportunity this year. We'd like to give you choice in reading as much as possible. Average reading amounts for a college freshman hang somewhere around 200 pages a week. Our expectations will be similar--we expect around 80-100 pages a week of choice reading. This is a goal and will vary depending on book, schedule and student growth plan. This can include any book of your choosing with the expectation that you will grow and improve as a reader throughout the school year. More information will be provided soon! You will be required to bring whatever novel you're reading to class each day in order to receive weekly credit for the reading. You will be assessed by conferences, writing and presentations of the material. The 100 pages includes class novels, but if you notice, we only have two class-facilitated novels each semester. The other novel choices are up to you! We have planned on bi-weekly IRP (Independent Reading Program) days-- times set aside for you to enjoy and celebrate reading. During these days we will hold conferences, and book talks as well as provide some reading time.
FYI—A repeated lack of bringing books, sleeping or misbehavior will quickly cost the whole class the privilege of IRP.

Article of the Week
Each six weeks students will participate in reading and discussing an article of the week through the resource Edmodo. Students will lead this initiative and grades will be based on participation and contribution to discussion.

Vocabulary instruction will involve learning and memorizing common word roots to build vocabulary in context of reading. Programs for this instruction include Word Walls & Word Within a Word.

Course Policies and Procedures:
The key to minimizing your stress level is TIME MANAGEMENT!! There will be a variety of projects, readings, and writings which are assigned over an extended period of time. In order to be most successful and less stressed, you should start assignments immediately.

Attendance: Attendance is of the utmost importance. Absences, especially for school related events, are inevitable and are your sole responsibility. When possible, you should discuss your attendance with me prior to the absence. As per the student handbook, you have 1 day for each day missed to complete all missed assignments, quizzes, and tests. All makeup work must be completed on your own time—makeup work will not be done during class. Remember that if you are absent when an assignment is due or a test/quiz is administered you should be ready to complete that work when you return. Long term assignments are due on the due date regardless of your attendance.

Grading Policy & Late Work:
Grading policy for this course will be as follows: Remember/Understand/Apply 30% and Analyze/Evaluate/Create 70%. The expectation is that not everything will be “graded” but everything will be assessed. Plan and work wisely!

Extra Credit: Extra credit is in direct violation of both school and department policies and will not be made available under any circumstances. Please keep this in mind, as there will not be any last minute negotiations or manipulations of grades.

Late Work: No late work will be accepted. Long term assignments are due on the due date regardless of your attendance. Be resourceful and plan ahead of any potential issues that may arise in submitting your assignments. The more open and communicative you are with your teacher, the more likely you will be granted some flexibility. Remember, dishonesty will destroy any working relationship you’ve made with your teacherJ We are members of families though, and we understand that certain situations warrant special circumstances. Please contact appropriate school leadership as well as your teacher if this applies to you!

Paper Format: All assignments should include your proper MLA Heading and completed in your best penmanship.

Last name, First name
English II Pre-AP
1 September 2010

All handwritten essays must be completed in blue or black ink; pencil will not be accepted. Handwritten essays should also stay within the lines of the paper (DO NOT WRITE IN THE MARGINS), be double-spaced, and have a complete heading.

All typed assignments must be completed in MLA format: 1 inch margins, 10-12 point Times New Roman or Arial font, double spaced, proper MLA heading, include MLA format bibliography/works cited as needed.

Academic Honesty: Plagiarism, copying, cheating, claiming someone else’s work as your own and/or any other form of academic dishonesty may result in both academic and disciplinary repercussions and are at the discretion of the teacher. All school policies will be followed in regards to academic dishonesty.

This course will require frequent use of word processing and internet based programs both at home and in class. It is imperative that you familiarize yourself with the needed programs in order to make your course work go smoothly. You will have access to computers in class each day, but will NOT have access to your H Drive. The use of a flash drive will be a REQUIREMENT for this course. Additionally, email will frequently be used as a method of communication in this course. It is expected that you can utilize email as a form of communication and to submit assignments. Murphy’s Law always applies to technology related assignments, so it is important that you plan ahead, have a backup plan, and are resourceful. Save all work in multiple places. Save often. Manage your time!

We do not believe that a Pre-AP classroom should have any disciplinary issues. However, should a problem arise, we will follow the disciplinary measures outlined in the CHS Student Handbook.